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About Fononga Boutique

Welcome to "FONONGA BOUTIQUE". 'Fononga' means 'Journey'… a journey we know you will take part in through the natural beauty, fulfilling, and relaxing result of our products. . 'Fononga' also signify us as a family. The Journey for us during the past 13 years has been extra ordinary.

"Fononga Boutique" started in November 2021, a new and small family business, as an aftermath of  Covid-19 that impacted all our lives. During the past 13 years, our journey has taken us to 5 different countries where we lived and work. Different ways of life, different cultures but very rewarding as we adjusted and improvised. Returning to New Zealand in 2021 was not the plan but we knew the journey direction must change as it was getting impossible to get back into the country. So, here we are and with our love of candles, "Fononga" comes to life… a new "Journey" for our family.

We are still learning as we go along but loving and enjoying every minute of the journey.

All our products are natural and  homemade. Candles are 100% soy, phthalate, and paraffin free, hand pour, made in small patches with love, so each and every one has our full attention. Wrapped around is our signature “kafa“ or coconut fibre. This not only highlights who we are and our culture but it also symbolizes strength, resilience and new beginning.

So, welcome aboard, join us in this new and exciting "Journey". We hope you will enjoy our product as much as we enjoy making them.

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