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1. Why do I have black smoke and stain in the jar when burning ?

Soy candles burn clean. Shoot is a result of not trimming your wick properly before burn. Make sure there are no debris from trimming around. Please read the instructions on the bottom of your candle for best results.

​2. Why is my candle discolored / has a white flimsy layer on top ?

Very common and normal with soy candles. There is nothing wrong with the candle. Quality and performance  remain the same.

3. What oil is used in the body scrub ?

I use coconut oil, which easily absorbs through the skin and leaves skin moisturized and smooth.

4. Why is my body-scrub hard ?

This happens particularly during winter as coconut oil will solidify . No drama... just put a bit on your wet skin and softly start scrubbing.

5. Do you do returns ?

Of damaged good during transportation ?  Absolutely ! Please take pictures of damaged goods and contact us within 7 days. We do not accept returns because you have changed your mind, sorry.

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