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Neroli Body Butter

Neroli Body Butter

There is nothing more natural than this body butter and that is because every ingredient is natural.  All from plants, without chemicals of any sort.

We, at Fononga Boutique, have grown up using coconut oil all our lives.  With this body butter, we add in the likes of Jojoba & Sweet Almond oil alongside Shea  & Cocoa butter resulting in endless benefits to your skin.  Jojoba oil with its anti-inflammatory properties reduces redness cause by drying, eases the effect of eczema keeping skin comfortable and calm.  It acts as a humectant, leaving your skin  moisturized all year round.  Shea Butter will leave your skin tone and smooth.

This bottle of body butter contains all the best you can ever get for your skin. Choose from our healing Neroli, relaxing Lavender, or floral Jasmine…or get them all. This is one buy you will never regret.

We know because our customers keep coming back for more.

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